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Meet Stallin

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We first saw Stallin on our friend Rachael @trailsandbears account and thought he looked like an absolute hoot; turns out he is the newest member of Garcia Rescue in Cochrane. And since we had already planned on spending the day at the rescue helping out we were excited to meet the handsome derp.

Dexter (my old boy) joined us in the trip up to Garcia Rescue, he heard there were friends he wanted to meet up with. He even introduced himself to Stallin so we could get to know him a little better.

Some things to note about Stallin, he is a Weimaraner (likely purebred), if you are interested in Stallin please make sure to research this breed as they are/were bred for hunting large game, meaning they are built strong to hunt extremely strong animals like boar. His ideal family will understand there will be challenges to work with. Things to consider specific to him are he has shown signs of separation anxiety, resource guarding and of course he is a powerhouse. His perfect home will have someone who is home often, or can bring Stallin with them most places, no small kids or other dogs who may want to share toys - Stallin will protect things he considers to be important to him.

Little quirks do not mean Stallin is a bad dog, in fact he will make a fantastic exercise partner, he has the energy to go, go, go!!! Want to practice your throwing pitch; perfect! Stallin adores playing fetch and will relentlessly return all toys to you with a massive bounce and a happy smile awaiting another toss!

If you are looking for an endless bound of energy to spend your days with, a dog that will make you smile and give you even more love back then you give him then reach out to Garcia Rescue or request an application here.

Stallin has happily found his home September 2020!


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