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Whoops, the dog ate the website 

Thank you for your patience while we work on fixing out website after some unexpected glitches.  


ON-Leash Pack Walks

OFF- Leash Pack Walks:

*A Pack Exclusive Perk

It’s more than just exercise. 

Off- leash walks can have some huge benefits for our dogs. That being said, off-leash walks carry a lot of responsibility and risks when a dog is not ready to be off-leash. 

Because of this we are taking our time developing our off-leash program. If you would like to be involved please reach out, all dogs will start ON-Leash to build a bond first and assess their skills while alone with me before proceeding to remove the leash. 

1-2 Days/ week: $30

+ $20for second dog from the same household

* Off Leash Walks currently run on Fridays and are exclusive to dogs already part of the pack! 


NW: Parkdale, Bowness, Grenwich, Ranchlands, Livingston, Carrington 

SW:  Hillhurst, Kensington, Marda Loop, Killarney, Signal Hill, Wildwood, Rosscarrock, and nearby communities. 

Nearby community? Reach out and we can check to see if we can add your location! 


We Are Licensed & Insured! 

Professional business insurance is a must for any reputable dog walker! 

Did you know the City requires a  dog walker license for walkers who use public access off-leash parks with over 6 dogs. 


Barn Hunt Lessons offer a great way to bond with your furry companion and enjoy a physically and mentally fulfilling activity. Our lessons involve a hay maze with gerbils safely contained in hidden tubes, providing an exciting and fun experience for both you and your pup.
Come join us and watch your dog's natural instincts come alive. 

I have partnered with Cultured Canines to provide regular group classes for all skill levels and semi-private drop in lessons.

We are an official BHA sanctioned club, I am a licensed BHA Judge, both instructors have many hours of hands on technical training. 

 Click here to read more or to book
(You will be redirected to )

Email to discuss trial/judge needs or workshops in areas without access to a BHA approved club. 
BHAJ-309B - Tara Woroschuk

Getting Started: 


Check Us Out:

Finding the right fit is important, feel free to contact me with any questions. 


We currently service:

Downton Communities: 

Rosscarock, Wildwood, Spruce Cliff, Killarney, MardaLoop, Altadore, Hillhurst, Sunnyside, Chinook Park. 

We may have space in:

 Inglewood, Westhills, Aspen Landing, Springbank hill, Discovery ridge, Parkdale, Bowness, and Hawkwood 

*Feel free to reach out with a request if you live close to any of these areas* 


Create an account:  

Fill out out intake form. Once we have confirmed availability for your pup we will create an account for you. 

Download the Time To Pet App for easy access to your account

See our FAQ’s for more info on Vaccine requirments


Adventures Begin:

Once we have your vaccine records, we will arrange key pick up and service dates. I will pick up your pup(s) and take them on their walk. 

Throughout the day you can check in on our social media for video and photo updates! 

Once your pups walk has been completed it will be marked on your account and I will upload any notes (& photos). 

The coolest Clubs have dogs.  

And cool clubs have perks. 

We are cool, so we have dogs and perks. 

Exclusive Services: 

Slumber Parties (Overnight Boarding)

Birthday Parties 

Adventure Daycare *coming soon* 

Photography Services 


What communities do you service? 

At this time I service a portion of downtown and parts of the NW

Donwntown - Mission, Roxbury, Cliff bungalow,Upper Mount. Royal, Lower Mount Royal, Elbow park, Altadore, MardaLoop, Killarney, Rosscarock , Wildwood, Spruce Cliff, West Hillhurst and Sunnyside areas. 

NW - Parkdale, Hawkwood, Bowness and there is a potential for FAR North communities Livingston and Carrington. 

Please reach out to discuss your needs and we will advise you about our ability to accommodate you. 

Does my dog need vaccines? What about parasite control? 

All dogs must have up to date vaccine records or titre results for Distemper/Parvo and Rabies submitted before their first walk and updated before expiring.  Bordetella (kennel cough) is recommended for most dogs.  We recommend discussing parasite control and vaccine schedules with your veterinarian. By signing up for walks you accept the risks associated with close contact of dogs in and out of dog parks. 

My dog is intact, can they still join? 

Yes! Intact males and females are still able to join our pack walks as long as they are able to maintain manners in pack settings. Females in heat are NOT permitted to join on or off leash pack walks for their safety and the safety of the pack. Please give us much notice as possible when heats are expected so we can make appropriate arrangements. 


We're working through some behavior issues, will you work with us? 

Depending on the behavioral concerns your pup it is possible and they may even benefit from our structured walks. On-leash pack walks can be a great way for dogs to learn calm socialization skills from the other dogs without the pressure of off-leash walks or the solitude of private walk settings.  

Not all dogs with behavioral concerns are ready to join right into the packs, but fear not with some patience, training and the right team, it is possible. 

We are happy to make suggestions as to some amazing trainers in Calgary that may suit your needs. 

What are your training philosiphies? What gear is allowed or recommended? 

Above all else my biggest training philosophy is : No judgment. 

Safety is the highest priority in working with dogs, and the biggest way to advocate for their safety is to communicate in a way they understand - therefore we will maintain as much of your training as possible on our walks. This includes the use of any tools that you use. 

Positive reinforcement is used in the form of whatever is rewarding to each individual - verbal praise, physical praise (pets), play, and food (when safe and appropriate). 

All harnesses and collars must be properly fitted. Prong collars included - if your prong is not properly fitted I can help you get the right kind and fit. You must have a secondary collar for a safety/ prong catcher to be attached as well. 

E-collars must be appropriately conditioned and used in a humane way. 

Halti's (over the nose harness) may be used  if properly conditioned and your dog must have a properly fitted secondary collar/harness, Halti's will NOT be used with dogs who lunge or at high risk of causing whip lash injuries to themselves. 

Flat collars must be fitted, if a dog tries to back out of a flat collar we reserve the right to use a limited slip or martingale collar for safety purposes - we will then advise you and discuss gear options for future walks. 

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