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BIG Changes Coming Soon!

I’m hoping to kick 2022 in a new direction. There has been a ton of change in the last few years for almost everyone I know.

It’s my turn from some positive big changes. And if you’re curious enough to be on this website you get to be the first to know a little secret.

I am in the process of planning and opening a new dog walking business in Calgary! There is still a ton to plan, organize, do, and overthink on. But I am very excited (and terrified) for this next journey.

Any questions please do not hesitate to reach out via email, facebook or instagram!

Adoptable adventures are still a goal, I haven’t had the chance to get out much since the pandemic hit and I miss getting to know so many dogs looking for homes. Gracie has taken up a lot of time, but she has a home and is extra loved and I can not wait to get back to helping others find their very own Gracies.

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